Bad Ace Tech Show presents " How to make a 12 dollar night vision camera from an old web cam and some film negatives.


Here you have your basic web cam (we found ours on the internet for about $11 US). With a screw driver and a little help from my gerber knife, we got it open.

Get out some old photos, or just get a roll exposed at you local 1 hour photo place.

Buy the cheapest film you can($1 US for 12exp), roll it out; let it get some sun then roll it back up and turn it in. (you now have like 6 feet of IR filters to share with your friends)

Note: The 1 hour place I went to doesn't charge for film that's totally exposed. (FREE)

Take a piece of the film that has been totally exposed (black) and use a gerber to cut out a “filter sized” piece (you'll know how big "filter size" is in a minute)

This is the part your looking for. Just unscrew the lens. Note: lefty loosie,  righty tighie.


You'll need to remove the UV filter and replace it with the IR you made earlier.

Note: Some UV filters will be painted on a lens. Simply use a dremel tool and polish it off. Do not scratch it off.

Reassemble. Now All you have is a camera that can only see IR light. This is fun all buy its self. Check out this site made by Geoff Johnson.

To make this camera "see in the dark" you'll need an IR light source.

We used an IR LED out of an old TV remote control.

If you really want this sucker to see good buy (or make) one of these.

Its an IR lamp. Google it.

We think this would be fun for conference calling in the dark, very Secret Squirrel.

You can view our finished product HERE.

See how Night Vision Works

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